Hi folks! I’m the creator of this blog. You can find me on twitter, here. @M0D3R4T0R

What is this site?

This site is an experiment in talking well about topics that the internet typically handles badly. The premise is this: I start a seed, and a group of hand-selected people are free to publicly debate it.

Why is this site?

You may notice we don’t have public comment threads, but do feature discussion on the blog. This is because, what would be the point of talking without discussion? I can write all day long, but I’m not right. I’m just a single person.

In my opinion, it’s a good idea to question people who are naturally convincing. Convincing people try to turn half your brain off. The way I see it is: people who aren’t listening, have stopped learning. Anyone who tries to convince you they’re right, and isn’t interested in hearing yours or anyone else’s take, is automatically missing something important.

So on this blog, we bring up ideas, and debate them.

What are the politics here?

In a perfect world, I’d like even political representation on this blog. But that’s one heck of a big divide, so it’s going to take a while. In a nutshell, I’m moderate. I will however say I think gay people are straight-up awesome. Gay world, I’m behind you all the way. And yes, I’m aware that is the world’s greatest innuendo. Consider it my toast to you.

What’s the philosophy here?

That’s simple.

  1. Chill. I like a certain style of conversation. It’s not the only style, but it’s one I like. There are lots of ways to express yourself on the internet and all of them have their place. This venue is about showcasing this one: smart, thoughtful, calm, honest, playful, respectful conversation between people who don’t already agree.
  2. People are smart, so listen. People who listen, then learn, are smartest.

We follow the Socratic Method here. We stir up each other’s ideas until we get somewhere. Laugh it off, take a time out; whatever you need, just think before you write. For the full code of conduct, check here.

This is less a “breaking topics” kinda thing, and more a “big, lasting topics” kinda thing. I’d like to curate some Internet that’s still interesting several years from today.

Shrug! It’s an experiment. No more drama, folks: let’s get a blog up on it.


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